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Frequently Asked Questions about our laboratories and services.

Can BioProfile test my product if I do not see it listed on All Services?
Please inquire; there are many specific services we can offer you despite not being listed in our 'All Services' page.

What do different tests test?
We use a large variety of testing methods based on the sample and the needs of the client. A few examples of common testing methods are HPLC, PCR, and GC Mass Spec. Please inquire if you would like to determine which test would be most fitting for your product.

How should I package and send my samples?
Please head over to the 'Sending Samples' page where you can follow the steps for preparing, packaging, and sending your samples.

How long will it take to test my samples?
The amount of time it takes to recieve your test results depends on the type of testing service and on the number of samples being tested. Please inquire when communicating with a BioProfile Labs professional.

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