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Sending Samples

To ensure that we recieve your samples ready to be tested, please use the following method for preparation and shipping.

1. Follow the appropriate sampling methods specific to your product.
2. Label the sample with your company name and your own identification code.
3. Ship the sample in a container that will withstand the shipping.
4. Ship the sample as dry as possible.
5. Ship the weights listed in the table below to get a statistical representation of the sample lot.


Weight (Metric)

Weight (Imperial/US)


Commodity crops

2.5 kg

5.0 lb


25 g

1 oz

Other samples

Please inquire

Please inquire

Please use this address for your shipping label:

BioProfile Testing Laboratories, LLC
Suite 3-215
2010 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Test results are based on the sample that was sent in by the customer. BioProfile Testing Laboratories, LLC is not responsible for inaccurate test results due to inaccurate sampling and sending non-representative samples by the customer. BioProfile Testing Laboratories, LLC shall not be responsible for determining whether the sample tested serves as a representative sample of the total quantity from which the grain was taken.

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